Judy Haynes Faust

Thu, 15 Dec 2016 00:12:37 +0000

Archibald Otter on More


    A poem from Zsa Zsa: Otters are our aquatic equivalent. (As a former Otter Spotter, this is to love.)

    Otterly disgusted.

    LOL!! So cute!!

    And we thought pet rocks were silly!

    Go Cards!!!

    Nope-see grandpaw got no teef. Yeah, yeah yeah.That's it, grandma washs my teef but they dwyen now!

    Lontras podem ser tão fofinhas e simpáticas quanto cachorros - Animais

    Meet "Wally" the bunny! You HAVE to see his adorable videos! I can't believe how cute he is! #bunny

    Jo Von McGraw

    Otter Capturing a Human

    River Otter