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bruce timm | jokersketch08

    Batman, Batgirl, Nightwing & Robin by Bruce Timm

    Bruce Timm

    The Joker’s redesign for The New Batman Adventres (also known as Gotham Knights) by Bruce Timm, in 1997. Note how he still had his red lips before they were removed.

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    The idea is to balance a strong pose by contrasting simple and contrast forms. The simple (stretching) side of a pose is usually your main line of action, while the complex (squashing) side is where you get most of the interest and the focal points of the pose. “Simple vs Complex” also works for individual parts like a flexing arm or a hand pose. This concept enhances clarity, appeal, and energy in any pose.

    Monsters-Bruce Timm

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    The Joker Sketch by Bruce Timm

    Dark Phoenix

    Harley Quinn: Comedy and Tragedy by Charles Holbert Jr.