Grace Taylor

Wed, 24 Aug 2016 03:14:35 +0000

Broke the rule.

    As teenagers, a boy and a girl agree to marry if neither have by their 35th birthday. Follow the boy as he attempts to sabotage every relationship the girl has till then.

    You find an app for your phone that, when you type in the name of a person, it reveals a single secret they hide. To your surprise, when you type in your own name, there is a secret that even you didn't know.

    Prompt -- in the future, paper is expensive and very rarely seen, books have been replaced by data implants. you are visiting an elderly relative who lives in the city and they have just informed you of a secret. in the darkness, behind a secret wall, she reveals to you...the very last bookstore. it is beautiful - and also highly illegal and she wants you to take over protecting it

    I have an idea with this that involves a bit of mind control but I cant put it into words right now

    Nelli- I think you could make this(or something like this) really good!


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    it's all I need to know to get tears in my eyes

    .Every dream is just like a summer rerun of the same lame story night after night after night

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