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Pua is a character in Disney's upcoming 2016 animated feature film, Moana…

    Disney Infinity's Demise Also Killed A Moana Game

    Na na na na... take that! To cute! Angry Birds cute trailer 2016 angry birds movie

    Sueño Cumplido

    Poop Emojis Highlight Fact People Worldwide Lack Access To Sanitation

    Moana.aka my favorite Disney girl next to Belle

    judylavernehopps: “commission of lilo and moana for @lilopelekai

    Moana y sus amigos jajaja esta parte me gusto mucho, adore la peli♡

    Disney Moana's Pua

    Sneak Peek video of Moana, Disney's newest princess

    It's Maui time. Pretty cool to see a cartoon based on a hero I grew up hearing about.

    Pua by Krrrokozjabrra on DeviantArt

    Awesome fanart done by SylenceArt on instagram. Dwayne Johnson voices the new upcoming character Maui from the movie Moana. Coming to theaters November of this year!

    Pua and Hei Hei.

    Beauty and the Beast - Beast (by Mandie Manzano)

    This was an AMAZING movie. I highly recommend it. It was so cute. I loved it .

    Inspired by the teaser posters, the first trailer and the presentation at Annecy festival which I attended with directors Ron Clements and John Musker, here’s a fanart of “Moana” the next Disney for the end of the year which promises to be a very...

    Is Moana the Feminist Disney Princess We’ve Been Waiting For?

    A cute print from Marie Disney's Aristocats by Meest on Etsy, €10.00

    Pua, loyal friend of Moana

    little pig friend who’s already stolen my heart in Disney’s MOANA

    What's his name?? Pua? Puga? I DON'T KNOW. he's cute though

    Moana the new princess november 2016