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Plan Común . Die Grüne Alternative . Graz (2)

    Francesco Librizzi, Bas Smets — Bahrain Pavilion — Image 3 of 6 - Divisare by Europaconcorsi

    Winners of the Baltic Way Memorial architecture competition have been announced. The competition sought out ideas for a memorial of the 1989 movement that united two million people in a 600km human chain. It was a pivotal point in European history that showed the power of nonviolent protest. The three winning teams from the US, Netherlands and Switzerland each captured both the seriousness of the event and the positive message for the future.

    Jägnefält Milton

    ▲ Viar Estudio Arquitectura - Spa in Santa Cruz de La Palma

    BOGOTA / Tropicarium - LCLA office

    Metropolitan Heralds_A Italo Calvino Inspired Spatial Narrative | KooZA/rch

    Ailesbury Road - SK06-B-jpg

    heju – studio créatif » PROJET DE DIPLOME


    Gut Gut - GLVR

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