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I'm All Mixed Up (Homophones): Sight Words Poem

    Adverb Song from Unit, "Adverb Adventure" (free; from First Grade Wow)

    "Plural" Song (Tune: "London Bridge" free; from First Grade Wow)

    Confessions of a Teacher: I Sing Cheesy Songs- Part 1 - The Classroom Key

    LMN Tree: March Poetry Time: Let's Write a Holiday Poem

    Limerick Poem Anchor Chart

    Character development practice: fill these out from your character's perspective.

    Helping Verbs

    Winter Kids Poems Winter is Mine Kids Poem Classroom Jr.

    4th grade english worksheets | Homonyms, homophones. Words and worksheets.

    Homophones Activities FREEBIEThis mini unit is designed to help teach your students about homophones. This pack includes activities that can be used for instruction, practice, and assessment. **********************************************************************More Vocabulary Building Packs:Prefixes and Suffixes UnitSuper Verbs!

    Cute children's poem about snow games during a snow day off from school. Great for winter and holiday reading. common core first 1st grade, second 2nd grade, third 3rd grade reading #ESL

    Fun Poem for kids: Be Glad Your Nose is on Your Face By Jack Prelutsky

    Funny children's Poem about health and getting sick. Great for school and classroom activities. common core 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade reading

    Stretch a Sentence

    Homophones - Their, there, they're

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    Here's a (free) fun way to review adjectives. This is a part of a larger paid product. Enjoy!

    Free Word of the Week worksheet

    This+poster+is+to+use+in+your+writing+center.+It+helps+kids+to+see+the+importance+of+making+a+complete+thought/sentence!+:) [email protected]om Thank+you+for+your+time!+:)+

    Summer Reading Passages with Comprehension Questions These non-fiction reading passages have lots of fun facts that your students will love. The topics include Flag Day Buzzing Bees (The Invention of) Popsicles! and Great White Sharks. They can be used as guided reading homework for early finishers or even an easy way to get kids settled when they walk in the door! Enjoy! Christina 2nd grade 3rd grade 4th grade A Classroom for All Seasons free reading comprehension resources Summer

    Green Giant Poem for mental images

    Graphing Grammar- Circle and write each word in the correct column: nouns, verbs, adjectives and pronouns. NO PREP Packet for November for 2nd Grade!

    Reference guide for students when learning the parts of speech. Put it in binders or folders!

    This sheet is designed to help students choose new and improved words instead of overused words when writing and strengthening sentences. It is a useful tool to keep in your students' writing folders or make into a classroom poster.