Becka Evanderfield

Wed, 11 Jan 2017 19:23:33 +0000

Turning Kicks #Practice #Workout


    Knockout Workout - Upper body work does not always have to have pull ups and push ups nor does it require weights. A dynamic approach that employs shadow boxing moves and precise martial arts techniques pushes the muscles to work in both concentric and eccentric ways increasing effective power and speed. Don't spare yourself, the Knockout workout is here to help you.

    Balance And Coordination Workout

    Kickboxer Workout

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    With these basic kicks you can win a fight easily. With more advanced kicks your opponent won't stand a chance...unless of course they know how to do them too

    Back and Biceps Workout

    Vikings Workout

    Some exercises have stood the test of time and will probably always be recommended. Exercises like drop sets, work-stretch sets, and the ever-praised squat have proven their success over and over and are a part of every gym. Today we’ll present 23 illustrations of leg stretching exercises, showing you exactly which muscle you are exercising. …

    Close Contact Workout More

    Bruce Lee Workout. Definitely a good training regime to prep for my next testing. Just did day 1 plus 80 crunches and I'm sweating!! Definitely great for accuracy and power focus. Later dates with the higher reps will be good for speed practice. It'll be like working my way through the ranks again!

    The Witcher Workout

    Fighter's Stretching