Christine Matte

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 08:26:29 +0000

St. Patrick's Day Hurricane Candles filled with split peas - love how she used E6000 to glue together a variety of thrift shop candlesticks and hurricane vases for a mixed look!

    Deco jarrón

    12 Dollar Store Hacks You Need to Try

    Inspiration for a table setting -- and a substitute for pricey vase filler. Go outdoors and find some stones! by taren madsen

    candles, candles and more candles


    VERDE, uma cor para contemplar!

    Pearl Beads on Wire Garland for DIY Rustic or Beach Wedding & Home Decor. So easy to do!!

    Ensalada de kale con mango, almendras y arándanos + aderezo de miel de abeja

    St. Patrick's Day centerpieces

    Shamrock Chip The chips are quick and easy to make,

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