Crystal Palmer

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 22:54:58 +0000

Sesame Street: Who's Alive? (POE, abiotic v. biotic) For younger students!! FUN!!

    Great intro to Living versus non-living using a snowman. Living things eat, breath, and grow. Recommended by Charlotte's Clips

    Living/non-living things Dinosaurs were living but now they are extinct. Video to explain living or non-living things

    First Grade Wow: Gummy Worms VS Earth Worms

    Exploring your 5 senses with gummy worms and other cool ideas

    This is a wonderful video to teach children about plant growth and life cycle! Colorful animations, read aloud text, and labeling of vocabulary words are some of the outstanding features of this video! Free!

    This week we have explored how we can use a T chart to sort and organise information. We looked at living and non living things. We start...

    Basic Needs of Living Things Video for kids

    Colorful animated video to teach children about features and characteristics of insects. Great resource to kick off an insect study unit!