Crystal Palmer

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 22:54:58 +0000

Sesame Street: Who's Alive? (POE, abiotic v. biotic) For younger students!! FUN!!


    Great intro to Living versus non-living using a snowman. Living things eat, breath, and grow. Recommended by Charlotte's Clips

    Living/non-living things Dinosaurs were living but now they are extinct. Video to explain living or non-living things

    Video of the butterfly life cycle told as a story from the butterfly's perspective. #homeschool Apologia Flying Creatures

    Living and Non Living Things Booklet

    Sesame street video about seasons

    Float or Sink Worksheet- so much better for kindergarteners than the one I made

    Loads of science ideas for kinder and first! A day in first grade: Science Galore! {and a FREEBIE!}

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    Plant Parts We Eat--good science video to use with "Tops and Bottoms"

    Narrated video about the needs of living things. Great for stopping and discussing.

    Biological sciences Living things grow, change and have offspring similar to themselves (ACSSU030)

    raindrop fine motor activity