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galvanized metal walls garden | curving fence made from strips of galvanized steel | designed by ...

    Zwart geschilderd hout in de tuin | Inrichting-huis.com

    The Lady Bird Lake Hike and Bike Trail is a linear park of scenic trails and landscaping that follows the banks of the Colorado River in downtown Austin. Ver...

    I like the circle as a focal sculpture element to the garden. Recycle an old bit of metal from a farm?

    Cedar fence enclose the front yard for the dogs without closing off the world, but gives a sense of privacy.

    To get privacy without resorting to a heavy, light-blocking wall, homeowner/designer Scott J. Johnson created these wood panels to separate his yard from the neighbors’. Here’s how to make them yourself: Step 1: Plan your panel arrangement. You’ll need to dig holes approximately 42 inches deep every 8 feet or so. Consider renting a power auger for speedier digging. Step 2: Position cedar posts in the holes. Backfill with gravel and then soil. Use a level to ensure posts are perpendicular as you backfill. Step 3: Starting at the top, attach 1x4 cedar boards with deck screws. Keep things perfectly horizontal by checking your progress frequently with a level

    I write about the amazing mirror-like railings in Leicester Park, London in my blog, 'Serenity in the Garden'.

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    This may be a temporary set-piece, but it still informs ideas of line, light and permeability in home and garden design.

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    Thin strips of coreten steel floating over planted panels?

    Irregular pavers with gravel from Projecten | Vertus #pavers #pathway #driveway

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