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Thu, 12 Jan 2017 08:41:52 +0000

thereisnomadnessanymore: “ Dance at the Maker’s Feet A small piece of work I made during pauses between E3 conferences, waiting for DA4 announce. And still there was none. Bioware, this is unfair and the purest suffering. P.S. too hyped for Fen ”The...

    Солас,DA персонажи,Dragon Age,фэндомы,DAI,Nipuni,Фен'харел

    Every civilization has its own myths and legends. Let's find out the 50 most important - and weird - legendary creatures with this Infographic! THIS IS AMAZING.

    Sachin Teng, Dragon Age : Mage Killer cover

    The Oracle by inanna-nakano on deviantART

    Welcome Light by Saimain.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

    Dragon Age Inquisition

    Qunari tarot card by Nekogoroshi-Sama

    Ghost Blade - Wlop

    Inquisitor Lavellan - Page of Wands posted by meexart on tumblr #DragonAge

    Hmmm... What to Choose? Every Time I play a Strategy game involving to choose your title

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