Danica Gross

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 08:41:35 +0000

Slow Arrow

    I just seriously love this <3

    nipuni | Solas, Dragon Age: Inquisition

    The assassin's brotherhood motto. Great words to live by. At first it doesnt make sense atleast to me but youll get it.

    Nasty eyes and nasty Hearts by Riku-Noiro | Solas and Lavellan romance, Solavellan, Dragon Age: Inquisition

    This is the best thing ever ♡♡♡

    How could I tell Them ... by Widdershins-Works on DeviantArt... This breaks my heart because this is pretty much how I thought Inquisition would end. Beautiful! And yet ow :')

    Celebrate the next installment of the Dragon Age series with this Alistair t-shirt! Alistair #Alistair #DragonAge #DragonAgeOrigins

    Dragon Age: Inquisition - Quests for the Inner Circle

    Dragon Age: Inquisition - Dorian's Magic

    #dragonage, #ithink....idk what this is but it's great

    Dragon Age: Inquisition against Humanity. Dorian Pavus knows real magic when he sees it, Cole has an attack of the feels, Leliana knows how to work it, Cullen Rutherford knows the importance of manners, Josephine Montilyet has standards, Morrigan makes a resolution, Sera knows how to impress, and Solas is a real romantic. (click-through for gifs)

    OhMyGod. Don't run! What are you thinking!? He came Back! Hahahaha