Danica Gross

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 08:41:35 +0000

Slow Arrow


    #dragonage, #ithink....idk what this is but it's great

    Solas is an idiot sandwich

    Solas and Lavellan - Trespasser absolutely killed me

    Maker nooooo! (So damn accurate) http://lasaircaldlorne.tumblr.com/ #Solas #Dragonage

    DA2: Hawke has something to say by ~camibee on deviantART. Sorry bout the language but I couldn't resist.

    This and his stories are what did my Inquisitor in. Originally I was going after Cullen, had a full back story and everything, then this nerd walks up and says that. From that moment on Cullen didn't have a chance my Inquisitor was nerding out with the Egghead. Indomitable Focus. Solas & Lavellan. Solavellan <3

    Poor Master Dennet... he was recruited to be a horsemaster, and it did not stay that long.

    Annoying Solas is the Skyhold passtime. Dawn secretly keeps a scoreboard somewhere in the fortress.

    The Last Cat In Kirkwall 3 by TheVooDooFish on deviantART

    How could I tell Them ... by Widdershins-Works on DeviantArt... I wished they'd played this up more in the game

    Dragon Age: Inquisition - Quests for the Inner Circle (Still kicking myself over the cleverness of Solas' anagram...)