Danica Gross

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 08:41:35 +0000

Slow Arrow

    I just seriously love this <3

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    Evanuris I realized i’ve never drawn Solas with hair so i did! this was part of a bigger picture but patience is not one of my best qualities EDIT: I wanted to apologize for my ignorance, after reading a comment on the reblogs i realized i made a...

    Morrigan aesthetics - Dragon Age

    Straight male here. I put Dorian in every squad I use. I jokingly call him "Big D" because I think my Inquisitor would. He's too cool and he's my boy. I think he's one of my Inquisitor's closest friends.

    steftastan: “ Tarot Card of Warden Astaria and Alistair for @sarcasmfish! ”

    Solas setting up the instant death blue flame barriers at his temple in Trespasser!


    madnessdemon: “ “The second-last one”. Illustration of Codex page about griffons. Here you may read this. Dragon Age fanart. ”

    Solas & Lavellan romance. I love that it resembles the "two swords" tarot card which represents an impossible choice. It's very fitting for this romance.