Danica Gross

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 08:41:35 +0000

Slow Arrow

    The assassin's brotherhood motto. Great words to live by. At first it doesnt make sense atleast to me but youll get it.

    Anders by Sirinne this reminds me of a really good fan fiction I read a f eew years back!!

    This is the best thing ever ♡♡♡

    Attack on Castle Cousland part 1 by RanmaCMH.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

    Celebrate the next installment of the Dragon Age series with this Alistair t-shirt! Alistair #Alistair #DragonAge #DragonAgeOrigins

    I just seriously love this <3

    Sad, but oh so true. It's kept me from equipping full sets of armor in every play through I've done.

    Dragon Age: Inquisition - Dorian's Magic

    concept art dragon age bioware Matt Rhodes dragon age: inquisition Blackwall

    The few characters I've started (but haven't finished for various reasons) are Elven male mages, and the odd male Qunari mage. They're the best...

    Ancient Elven Robes is a unique light armor in Dragon Age: Inquisition.