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Rowing Art and Illustration - E. H. LONGRIDGE

    Course Correction A Story of Rowing and Resilience in the Wake of Title IX by Ginny Gilder Course Corrections follows the author’s career as a novice rower at Yale in 1975, to standing on the podium at the 1984 Olympics, having won a silver medal. The journey unfolds during the early years of Title IX when Gilder participated in the Women’s Crew Strip-in, which spurred the movement towards gender equality in college sports. The book, however, is much more than a personal reminiscence of a r...

    Rowing Art and Illustration - E. H. LONGRIDGE

    Rowing Teamwork Sport - Sports/Activity Conceptual

    Rowing with a team - beautiful patterns in the water

    oarsmen  plural of oars·man Noun A rower, esp. as a member of a racing team. Synonyms rower - oarsman - oarer - oar

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    This A6 notebook (with 128 blank pages) is a design taken from an old London Transport poster by Charles Paine.