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    Mapa de onibus turistico e hop on hop off bus tour de Rio L'Open Tour

    Where you can drink on the street The Huffington Post created this fairly thorough, although admittedly not absolutely complete, map of where one may enjoy the pleasures of imbibing alcoholic beverages in public. Blue states don't have any statewide ban on public drinking, and green states have pending legislation that would allow it. Local laws may vary, though. Towns marked with yellow stars let people drink in most public places. Ones with purple stars allow drinking only in certain areas.

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    Рио-де-Жанейро. Статуя Христа на горе Корковадо / Бразилия

    Camden map by Anne Smith

    Mapas ilustrados de Colombia! - Look And Trip

    New York illustration by Julie MercierArt and design inspiration from around the world – CreativeRoots

    Germany travel Map

    Mapa artístico do Rio de Janeiro - Brasil - ampliado

    fwdesign: wayfinding & design consultants | southend

    L'État de Guanabara est un ancien État du Brésil, qui a existé de 1960 à 1975. Il comprend le territoire de l'actuelle municipalité de…