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Fri, 21 Apr 2017 11:14:11 +0000

Autumn Reflections by Carol Leigh


    Trademark Fine Art Michelle Calkins 'Brocade Color Collage 2' Canvas Art

    I think I would die if this happened. Either because it's so cute or it would be real. There is rarely sarcasm in Attack on Titan. Unless it's Levi :D

    Logo Parçalı

    The Gift Abstract art by Osnat Tzadok

    "I'm yours forever, Ser," Ronan growls. He begins to to change to his monstrous form surely but slowly. In less than five minutes, he's in his monstrous form.

    Paul Klee- Fortress and sun. This would make a beautiful quilt.

    CAROL NELSON FINE ART BLOG: Geological Abstract Mixed Media Painting "Diamond Mine" by Colorado Mixed Media Abstract Artist Carol Nelson

    Abstract art by Osnat Tzadok

    Paul Klee - pure genius

    Experiments in Mixed Media with Carol Nelson | April 21-23rd 2017

    "Kandinskys Cadence" by Alma Lee