Amber Thomas

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 08:41:19 +0000

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    A place for us to dump all the Dragon Age we find and delight in. Occasionally…

    possible vallaslin markings for Euphian. I think she'd either have Falon'Din (friend of the dead) or Dirthamen (knowledge and secrets). Or maybe Fen'Harel if I can find the symbols

    madnessdemon: Anahita Adaar, qunari inquisitor for madameinquisitor. Thank you! Qunari card *_* Impressive <3

    lostconner: My boyfriends in Dragon age.LOL

    solas from dragon age inquisition

    elᵢvhenan -- permanent iron bull obsession : Photo

    ajgiel: Fenris tarot card because why not. Inspired by death tarot card and inquisition tarot cards.


    The Redeemer. Dragon Age: Inquisition.

    Dragon Age Ukiyo-e Character Fan Art - Created by Dakkun39