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Wed, 11 Jan 2017 15:18:38 +0000

Lego Gameboy transformer

    Nerf Nuke #Nerf, #Nuke

    Superhéroes hechos con LEGO

    'My First Computer: DOS Edition' custom LEGO kit by Chris McVeigh

    Photographer creates tiny, lifelike scenes with Lego (By Samsofy)

    Crazy!! Lego House - Built by James May (of Top Gear fame) this real-life Lego house is both a masterpiece and May’s dream come to life. May came up with the idea for a Lego house after a conversation with friends at the pub. They were talking about what they would have built with Lego as kids, if they had had enough bricks, simply because your imagination is generally bigger than the resource available!

    Escher lego

    Uno de cada uno, por favor

    7 Old School Technology Recreated With Lego…


    I just want the top gun please. :)