Jacqui Lavigne

Wed, 11 Jan 2017 21:43:33 +0000

“Once we had kids we realized we needed another place to eat that was more intimate,” Kayne says. Breakfast...

    In a centuries-old building in Montreal, Belgian architect and designer Gaeten Havart undertook a DIY kitchen renovation that makes the most of inexpensive materials.

    THE FUTURE OF KITCHENS Cardenio Petrucci has seen the kitchen assume increasing prominence, to the point where it’s akin to a piece of fine furniture.

    H. Ryan Studio | "Chef's Headquarters", Kitchen Remodel, Phoenix, AZ

    Wood and white kitchen

    china pantry

    Cocina ladrillo

    pretty pink Le Creuset pots

    country kitchen

    prim white kitchen ♥

    bathroom - yes