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    트레이싱 자료

    Cute couple poses references

    夜木トレス素材専用アカウント(@yogikun_sozai)さん | Twitter

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    After drawing the single chara ych yesterday I got the urge to also doodle a couple one digitally xDD I gotta say they don't look bad OuO and they are colorful xD SB: 500 /5 USD AB: 2500 /25 USD 1....

    Chibi Grup

    Chibi pat on the head

    오랜만에 트레이싱/♡/

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    1 to 3: SB: 300 /3 USD AB: 1500 /15 USD 4: SB: 200 /2 USD AB: 1300 /13 USD Please bid on the right bidding comment and reply to the higgest bidder with your bid ;3 Bidding ends 24 hours after first...