Eliza Perry

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 22:51:20 +0000

Photographed by Romain Duquesne for Glossier


    Silk choker #solidstudiowear

    "You must not stifle yourself behind closed doors. Solitude may rust your words. Silence is not your element. It will asphyxiate you." - Anaïs Nin, from Collages

    Wendy Rowe delivers a master class in sunkissed makeup—three looks that are pretty simple to recreate.

    bienenkiste: ““Dream Day Afternoon”. Photographed by Alex Cheng for Puss Puss Magazine ”

    horreure: Truisms (Two) by Tyrone Lebon for Pop Fall/Winter 2012/2013

    Long Hair Pale Skin

    Robin/closed} The white haired girl sits in her room, she had messed up, he probably hated her now. What was she supposed to do? Just go on like it was a normal day at the castle? Robin finally musters up the courage to go to dinner, arriving a bit late.

    Guys who have this! Like ugghhh! I've always wanted my collar bone to show

    Fashion Gone rouge