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Photographed by Romain Duquesne for Glossier

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    Kayla Varley Like & Repin. Listen to Noelito Flow. Noel Music.

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    Long Hair Pale Skin

    Close up - minimal make up and lashings of mascara

    I'm putting the 100 facts thing on hold for rn I'm too tired to do them omf

    "You must not stifle yourself behind closed doors. Solitude may rust your words. Silence is not your element. It will asphyxiate you." - Anaïs Nin, from Collages

    The lighting here is beatuiful!

    h. granger

    “She spun herself a crown of gold, thrones of bones and citadels. To the deaf stars she screamed: make me queen or i’ll make you bleed.”

    celestial desire


    you wish I was yours and I hope that you're mine.

    Reflection, of the past, into the future, of a memory.. your choice. Men, Women, Objects, etc. Think outside the box. B&W or Color. We want people to stop and look and turn the page and go back and look again. Let's show what you can do.. Let's get the Pacific NW Published. www.NWCreativeArts.com Magazine. Sophia Nilsson Nhu Xuan Hua

    Female portrait photography by Eduardo Izq

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    Mármol I, II, III by Paloma Wool #fashion

    Silencie sua mente e permita que sua alma se cure

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