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living roof construction section drawing - Google Search

    The Balloon Framed Steel Stud Parapet— This is the ugliest parapet to get right. Notice the use of spray polyurethane foam, the high density stuff, to provide air control layer continuity across the balloon framed exterior steel stud wall. The spray foam is supported by horizontal bridging or metal blocking. This is a tricky thing to execute and, as such, we design into the upper parapet assembly a pathway for drying via diffusion to provide some performance redundancy.

    Pere Montllor > Conservatorio Profesional de Música en Cuenca | HIC…

    Coma 02 House in Castellón, Spain by Juan Marco Marco

    Cabin Window Details

    garagesection3 copy_INV

    Toledo-Basement-Systems-Drawing-1500.png (1500×2025)

    1890 Print Building MåÀnzstrasse 12 Berlin Architecture ORIGINAL HISTORIC AR1

    Green Roof Detail

    Isolation Systems on Behance

    passive house detail diagram:

    Skylight construction detail 1,065×1,170 pixels

    Green roof parapet detail