Kinsley D

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 21:58:45 +0000

portable camping toilets for campers

    Here is an example of using a toilet multiple times. She lines it with newspaper between every use and sprinkles A&H Deodorizer on it. This toilet seat has a rubber gasket so it never leaks odor.

    Adding sage to your campfire or fire pit keeps mosquitoes and bugs away. Good to know for an outdoor fire pit!

    Glamping porta potty / outhouse - there's nothing like having a few of the conveniences of home in a potty tent. Brilliant idea!

    If only this could happen for me...

    Easy method to add screens to your car/truck windows. 1. Cut screen two or 3 inches bigger of window, 2. Place screen on window 3. than place small magnets all around to hold screen.

    Portable Camping Toilet- Includes Bags - Outdoors Comfort Camp

    A simple but useful commode for primitive camping conditions. This commode comes apart for easy transport and storage.

    19 Brilliant Camping Hacks We Learned from Instagram

    DIY Emergency Portable Toilet - perfect for emergencies & camping... only costs about $5.00! #emergency #camping #diy

    Pedal-Powered Washer Needs No Electricity and Costs Only $40

    DIY Camping Toilet ~ A toilet seat, a bucket, a create, wooden legs & a few zip ties is all it takes to have a portable bathroom.