Jennifer Roemisch

Tue, 29 Nov 2016 23:06:35 +0000

Happy elephant pals.

    Snow Leopard Cub... the cute is OVERWHELMING!

    This polite elephant made us awww

    Ahhh. Gotta taking a break my legs are killin me.

    A herd of young elephants bundle on top of each other at the Addo Elephant National Park in Eastern Cape, South Africa

    Fun fact: Baby elephants suck their trunks just like human babies suck their thumbs.

    Let's call it day, and go to bed early. Okay? ~~ Houston Foodlovers Book Club

    Baby elephants

    Pinterest // @LoSchussler

    cute elephant baby #photo by kkfilmable

    Une bonne journée à tous ! Dans la joie et la bonne humeur. Presque le Week End ! #CUTE

    Elefante y perro