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Take a look at this! Amazingly simple installation process for lowered ceiling installation.


    Soundproofing a ceiling

    It’s almost time for holiday houseguests and family to visit from out of town. Make sure your home is ready for visitors by installing this Convertible Wall Bed into your guest room. The best part? You can easily stow it away after the holidays to save space—not to mention, it has a classic, traditional style that you’ll love! Shop this furniture piece and find additional festive Christmas decorations to pair with it at Costco.com!

    In just a couple of hours, you can seal and insulate your rim joists, which are major sources of heat loss in many homes. This project will help lower your heating costs and save you money. Insulating the rim joists is one of the best things you can do to make your home more energy efficient. And it’s easy, too, so anyone can do it.

    great way to cover up ugly textured ceilings...

    Finally found what I want to do with my ceiling down stairs. So excited. Two gallons of the contact cement at $75 and 40 yards of burlap at $50 gave me an acoustic ceiling for $125

    plywood and 1x4's for ceiling. smitten studio

    Dricore subfloor - perfect for a subfloor for basements.

    painted basement ceiling

    ceiling tile makeover - Google Search

    How to install DRIcore SMARTWALL in your basement. Go from concrete walls to finished walls 5x times faster! So quick and so easy!

    Basement Floor Covering Ideas

    This exposed basement ceiling was spray painted black due to the duct work and pipes to create a visually higher ceiling. This was a great idea when you're dealing with pipes and duct work and the end result is very sharp looking basement.