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Take a look at this! Amazingly simple installation process for lowered ceiling installation.

    Drop Ceiling Installation Tips A veteran drop ceiling installer shares his secrets for installing drop ceilings.

    Ceiling Links - similar to a drop ceiling, but only takes up an inch of head space!

    DIY baseboard tutorial with printable cheat sheet of cuts and terms. Shows how to install your own baseboards with tips and tricks the pros use.

    Drop ceiling tiles supported by molding. Looks like coffered ceiling!

    Finished basement ceiling - small plywood panels and wood battens. Maintain accessibility with minimal headroom loss, can be painted or stained/varnished

    PART 3. DIY water leaks in basement. http://www.familyhandyman.com/basement/affordable-wet-basement-solutions/view-all?pmcode=IDFEC073&_mid=2415606&_rid=2415606.1003635.286323#step7

    How to Carpet a Basement Floor | The Family Handyman Prevent damp basement floors from ruining carpet and other finished flooring. Install dimpled polyethylene to create an air space between the concrete and the finished floor, sealing off dampness and giving moisture a chance to dissipate.

    Basixx Crown Molding CB531 - CB531

    How to frame basement poles: To help when framing basement support poles, use quick clamps to hold the bottom plates in place while you secure them

    Saving 4 Six: Staircase Revealed

    Learn How To Insulate Basement Walls Properly. Basement Insulation is very difficult to under. Learn how to insulate basement walls from industry pro Todd Fratzel.