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Hahah :)

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    Always look on the bright side of life

    RWBY theory<< This would actually make a lot of sense... Someone should go interrogate Miles to see if that could be a possible reason why RWBY chibi was made. Well, besides pleasing the fans after the bloodbath that volume three was

    RWBY Actually he lost his sister first then the girl

    I really just don't know why

    renora texting -- "oh my Oum" is the best part!!!!!!!

    i could actually picture this as something that they would text about if they did so in rwby lol

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    At Breakfast... I like how Ruby is all confused.. This is why I can't eat around others. XD aww yisss RWBY

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    This actually does summarize them pretty well though

    RWBY don't know whether to laugh or cry...