Brian Crouse

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 09:03:02 +0000

The basics of seed saving - how to collect, dry, and save seeds to save money and to build a stronger, healthier garden.

    Summer may be drawing to a close, but don't despair. The end of the summer growing season means one thing - it's harvest time! Learn how and when to harvest your herbs: - Yahoo Mail

    Don't you want a garden that will not only produce a bountiful harvest of fresh…

    A collection of 16 DIY Compost bins, to suit anyone's gardening needs!

    For more berries, you should make sure to replace your entire bed after 3-5 years. Once the strawberry plants are older than five years, they start to decrease in productivity. By replacing your beds the younger plants will be able to take over and produce lots of new strawberries.

    Collecting seeds from garden fruits and vegetables can be thrifty, creative and fun for a gardener. Saving melon seeds from this year’s crop for next year’s garden requires planning. Read this article for tips about collecting seeds from melons.

    Grow food year-round using season extenders:

    Florida Survival Gardening: How To Grow A Peach Tree From a Pit

    a guide to how much you should space your vegetable seeds when planting

    Plant a garden that's a treat for the nose, eyes, AND mouth with these edible flowers.

    Save some money by saving your own seeds from flowers and plants in your garden. Just have to remember where I saved them.

    Infographic: Composting 101