Blake Ellis

Wed, 11 Jan 2017 18:40:25 +0000

What a good hair day for Pasta! Packaging Designer: Nikita (Russia) - www.packagingofth...

    Trident Gum (Concept) is so great and so popular however it does remind us of HappyDent another very popular pin PD

    Pasta packaging

    #Packaging #Design

    More Imaginative package design (Webneel Daily Graphics Inspiration 535 - Most Inspired Graphics around the web). Follow us

    Squeeze & Fresh Juice Concept designed by Backbone Branding (Armenia) -

    Concept Branding and Packaging: ‘Beehive Honey Squares’

    Hanger Tea Assignment 1: I love the concept of this. It is a unique take on tea bags, usable, and humorous. The packaging is simple and also follows the narrative.

    Sac pour faire les courses

    Even though this is just a concept everyone loves it.

    News Of The Wooled Introduction To Knitting. Now everyone will want to learn PD

    ANDERSEN / Package of bakery cookies

    Peckish Bird Seed Packaging Design Student Concept by Shohaib Iqbal -