Doggie Desires

Thu, 20 Apr 2017 15:00:38 +0000

"Why does my dog sit at my feet?" Exposed! >>


    An oath all animal owners need to take

    Double the retrieving power. (via negativepitch)

    I Want To Be This Dog

    It’s never easy seeing your furbaby in pain. Here are 6 common signs your dog is in pain. #signsyourdogisinpain #signsyourdogisinpain #doghealth #dogcare #vetcare #silentsignsdogs #dogs #pets #animals

    Well that's not fair Corgi! #dogs #pets #Corgis

    5 Amazing Things Dogs Can Sense Before It Happens

    Happiness is found in all corners of the wordl. -

    Training games for an abused dog, when done properly, can really help boost a scared pooch’s confidence and make him feel safe and loved again. Nothing breaks my heart-or raises my blood pressure- …

    Hehehe, so does that mean they should really be called The 'Malinosaurus Rex', The 'Maliceratops', The 'Malinomus' or perhaps The 'Malligator'? Okay, I'm done now... haha ;P

    Dog sleeping positions. This is how Frankenstein sleeps. Interesting, quick read about dogs personality cues based on their security and how they sleep.

    I've always wondered about this!