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Mon, 20 Mar 2017 21:53:24 +0000

Fitting Your Backpack

    How To Pack Your Backpack

    Essential Knots for the Outdoors.

    A good pair of boots is the most important piece of gear for any hike. Make sure yours fit well and are appropriate for the conditions you'll face.

    How To Pack a Backpack Camping & Hiking - http://amzn.to/2iquzg5

    Most of us master shoe-tying in elementary school and don’t give our laces much thought after that. If your hiking boots start to wear on your feet in uncomfortable ways, though, you’ll be glad to learn a few new lacing tricks that could help improve your comfort.

    Whoa. This is brilliant. My next fire pit.

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    The different types of #backpacks and how to choose one for camping, hiking, or rock climbing. http://www.outdoorblueprint.com/outfit/backpacks:

    Backpacking gear list for multi-day and overnight hikes: my favorite backpacking gear

    What you should know before buying your next pair of hiking boots.

    Getting to Know Bears: Be Bear Aware (Bear Safety) https://www.fix.com/blog/be-aware-of-bears/

    After two years, I’ve finally decided on what I believe is my final gear list for what I’ll be taking with me on the Appalachian Trail this year. I’ve bought a lot of gear in thos…