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William Eaton - O’ele’n Strings

    Lynda Sayce with the theorbo. It has strings lengths of over 170cm and a massive 2 metre neck!

    Handmade musical string instrument.Guitar Violin by RaysRootworks, $800.00

    Instrument and Sound Sculptures That’s right; the name of this mammoth beast is the Bowafridgeaphone (bow a fridge a phone). Experimental instrument maker Iner Souster has used refrigerator grates in quite a few of his instruments... Fridge grates, oh fridge grates I love you. Violin bows, on the other hand, are quite afraid of his instruments. Other items include a broken old speaker, a bundt cake pan, metal salad bowl, and the few other pieces of metal he...

    mandolin | resonator mandolin -- TweedBlog: Tangleweed's Americana Music Blog

    harp guitar

    Harp Lute. England, 1815. The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

    antique Sarangi (stringed instrument) from India.

    Dital harp. England, U.K. In this harp lute design, the instrument is held somewhat like a guitar and the stops are worked by the player’s thumb, as distinguished from stops worked by the feet in a full-size concert harp.(Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.) omgthatartifact: tomfury:

    The hardanger fiddle, unlike the viola damore has only four playing strings. It…

    Qeychak / Qichak