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William Eaton - O’ele’n Strings

    The Baryton is a bowed string instrument which shares some characteristics with instruments of the viol family,[1] distinguished by an extra set of plucked strings. It was in regular use in Europe up until the end of the 18th century. - Baryton by Ferdinand Wilhelm Jaura, 1934 after Simon Schodler, 1782

    Chonguri The choghur dates back to the 12th to 16th centuries; used the Caucasus, Iran and Anatolia, and in Sufi traditions.

    Художня різьба по дереву

    Pietro Railich: Lute (2008.3) | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

    Fiddle (husla) - 18th century. Germany. MFA

    Pictures of unusual guitars ? - The Acoustic Guitar Forum

    The Burkholtzer Lute - The original instrument was made by Hans Burkholtzer in Füssen in 1596 and is now in the Vienna Kunsthisorisches Museum, item number SAM 44. It was probably made as a seven or eight course instrument and there is a label inside which indicates that conversion to eleven courses was executed in 1705 by Thomas Edlinger of Prague. At some date after 1719 the bass rider was added by an unknown craftsman to make a thirteen course instrument.

    Triple Zither (Trillingszither), Tyrol, Late 18th Century

    This Scherr-style harp-guitar is actually a rare variation by Boston maker Charles Stumcke, a contemporary of C. F. Martin, & dated 1853

    Brescian Mandolin, Gioffredo Rinaldi, Turin, 18...7, labeled ...MARENGO RINALDI SUCC. GIOFFREDO RINALDI CORINO FECIT 18...1, length of back 11 1/4 in.

    Antique Harp Lute Guitar by Barry from England 1799. Sold by Edward Light. Fernando Sor was in England when these were played.