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Mon, 01 Aug 2016 14:39:49 +0000

William Eaton - O’ele’n Strings


    Very cool! Harp guitar http://www.guitarandmusicinstitute.com

    |So Sam Sai Date: 19th century Geography: Thailand Medium: Coconut, skin, ivory

    Harp-lute about 1815 Invented by Edward Light, English, 1747–1832 Probably manufactured by A. Barry, English, active early 19th century

    Tu Pi Ba Chinese Musical Instrument

    Electric violin by Liquid Violins

    Fred Carlson Harp Guitar Visit exotic888imports.com Collector and Seller of COOL and UNIQUE items, call 204 381 1587 LET Me know what you have!

    West African Instruments and Music #kora @Steelasophical

    The Baryton is a bowed string instrument which shares some characteristics with instruments of the viol family,[1] distinguished by an extra set of plucked strings. It was in regular use in Europe up until the end of the 18th century. - Baryton by Ferdinand Wilhelm Jaura, 1934 after Simon Schodler, 1782

    Chonguri The choghur dates back to the 12th to 16th centuries; used the Caucasus, Iran and Anatolia, and in Sufi traditions.

    Keyed cittern (English guitar) late 18th century England

    Brescian Mandolin, Gioffredo Rinaldi, Turin, 18...7, labeled ...MARENGO RINALDI SUCC. GIOFFREDO RINALDI CORINO FECIT 18...1, length of back 11 1/4 in.

    This Scherr-style harp-guitar is actually a rare variation by Boston maker Charles Stumcke, a contemporary of C. F. Martin, & dated 1853