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Someone left a little note in the comment section last week asking for more colour. Being into Scandinavian style I have to admit to being... er... more than a little colour shy (as you know!). Howeve

    Converted warehouse makes for a stunning loft apartment. Exposed brick walls are soften with loads of indoor plants and timber furniture. Industrial style kitchen.

    Industrial loft features exposed brick and concrete with a kitchen enclosed by steel-framed windows in this apartment in Budapest. [1000 1333]

    5 pomysłów na szmaragd | Design Blog Make It Home | emerald colour interior design

    Cozy modern kitchen and dining room with natural touches

    Storage and a seat. Good idea

    Attics: They’re not just for crazy uncles anymore. In fact, interior designer Veneta Nikolova and architect Dimitar Karanikolov have exploded the notion of what an attic apartment can be with this smartly sumptuous loft in Sofia, Bulgaria. The two-year Loft 9b project yielded amazingly clever results. For starters, there’s a large dark cube that conceals the bathroom that sits on top of the building’s elevator shaft. The cube’s walls are just 16mm thin, with custom made concrete panels on the inside.

    Mur de briques et plafond à poutres

    This Old Stomping Ground

    loft living space / wood / high ceilings / large windows