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Tiny Planters: Do It Yourself!

    The grooviest planter in all the land! The pastel planter is hands down a Dalla Vita all time fave! Available empty or adorned with a succulent, these colorful planters are the cutest way to add a spe

    regalo para papás del parents day

    Succulent in a Natural Wood Planter

    Included: Pearls, terrarium and string for attachment. Ideal for live jewelry necklace! Pearls Boo-Boo Plant originates in South Africa, the plant latin name is Senecio rowleyanus Water once every 10-

    14 Creative Succulent Container Gardens to DIY or Buy Now via Brit + Co

    1382683640.jpg (640×960) ***Love the look**

    Succulents are some of the best plants out there; they look cute and they're almost impossible to kill. What could make them even better? Putting them in cute tea cups, of course! This DIY project is incredibly cute, incredibly easy, and incredibly cheap! Read on to learn how to make your very own succulent tea cup garden.

    Suculentas em vasinhos de cerâmica

    Terrarios ... capa inferior de rocas o piedras párr mantener el drenaje de la raíz, capa de tierra, Hermosas Plantas Suculentas, La Parte Superior Con Una capa decorativa opcional de Guijarros De Colores Diferentes. Más Fácil-forma Más Rápida de Estilo Traer un Hogar Do

    Suculentas para centros de mesa

    How to make a mini succulent garden

    garden and plants - how to propagate succulents from leaves