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Mon, 20 Mar 2017 22:00:52 +0000

Did you know that you can perform a great weight burning cardio workout while sitting on a chair? Well, it’s true! Chair Cardio routines are the latest fad, and you can burn calories by performing these lovely low-impact exercises and get benefitted!


    Cardio Chair workout.

    Chair exercises. Modified Mountain Climbers for abs, 20 each side | Leg Lifts for glutes hamstrings, 20-30 each leg | Bicep Dips, 8-15 reps | Crunches, 20-30 | Repeat entire circuit 3 or more times. | Exercise, at home workout, no gym, fitness, fitmom, health, weight loss, muscle, arms, abs, legs, booty, fibromyalgia Sports & Outdoors - home gym fitness -

    Chair Abs Workout

    Sitting all day at your desk isn't good for you. If you can't get up a take a walk, a graphic from Desirable Body shows you some exercises you can do while at your desk.

    Feeling a little sluggish while sitting in your office chair all day long? Spend a few minutes doing these simple moves to workout your abs! Best Ab Workouts

    Burn Whopping Calories With Chair Cardio Exercises

    REDUCE BELLY FAT while you sit!!!! Yet, you no longer have excuses, as you can work out at home, or try these amazing chair exercises!

    The office doesn’t just have to be for work; it can be for a workout too. All you need is your chair, your desk and these easy exercises…

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    Work your core from a chair

    Up to 80% off with Target Coupons! You can combine these exercises with a cardio workout and include targeted strength moves.