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I want one! They are the perfect addition to any picture, in my opinion. #quokkaphotobomb


    The quokka is said to be the happiest animal in the world! Rottnest Island Perth Western Australia. We can't have them as pets but I can visit them, only a short boat trip away.

    So in love with these little creatures....Rottnest Island Quokka

    "Take time to smell flowers!"

    Momma and baby quokka

    quokkas are the happiest animals on earth . What a total sweetie! This photo by @cambojones2020 may just break the internet. . . I think quokkas are getting more and more used to people especially with the quokka selfie phase which is lovely in a way and it helps inspire a love for the species. Quokka are now world famous! I just worry that with them being so trusting/naive it opens them up to being mistreated by the awful few. Thankfully the majority are loving and respectful. Stay safe little

    30 photos de quokkas, l'animal le plus heureux du monde - page 2

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    Of COURSE the cat is eating it...::

    „Give me your best RAWR!! I thought I'd post an alternative photo of that amazing quokka because he's too adorable. If you love these critters, a lot…“

    この顔たまらない..希少動物”クォッカ”とのinstagramセルフィが可愛すぎて大流行中 | by.S

    The worlds cutest animal.. The quokka ❤️ More