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Learn More About Colored Diamonds - From Expert Judith Rosby

    The Dresden Green Diamond, is a 41 carat natural green diamond, a rare Type IIa, said to be internally flawless,

    All of these colorful natural rough diamonds are one-in-a-million, once in a lifetime finds and classifications.

    Blue and violet Gems

    Choosing the right ring

    If you’re thinking of buying a colored #diamond, you’ll want to know if its color is natural or the result of a treatment process.

    feels that this is one of the rarest gemstones to ever come out of Mozambique. It has the power to move me when bright diffused natural light illuminates the gemstone. It tends to loose saturation in incandescent light, but it is still purple with purple flash.

    Natural, untreated cornflower Sapphire oval weighing 5.65 cts, from Sri Lanka. @ www.multicolour.com and #gemstones #sapphire

    Topaz of any type is a good jewelry stone and it is historically one of the most important gemstones. With its relatively high refractive index and hardness of eight (Mohs scale), with no special sensitivity to chemicals, it can be used, with appropriate care (should be protected from hard knocks), in any jewelry application.

    Natural Color Diamonds …Not just White!! Bet these rarities are something special.

    Yellow diamond.

    Guide To Crystals And Gemstones For Healing

    Learn More About Colored Diamonds - From Expert Judith Rosby