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Learn More About Colored Diamonds - From Expert Judith Rosby

    The Dresden Green Diamond, is a 41 carat natural green diamond, a rare Type IIa, said to be internally flawless,

    The Great Mogul diamond is considered to be the largest diamond in India. Discovered between 1630 and 1650, the rare Mogul diamond was found in in the Kollur mine on the Kistna. The rough diamond weighed around 793 carats. It takes its name from its owner, Shah Jehan, fifth in succession from Baber, founder of the so-called "Mogul" dynasty in Hindustan.

    Blue and violet Gems

    The Esperanza Verde is one exceptional 6.82 carat green diamond.

    If you’re thinking of buying a colored #diamond, you’ll want to know if its color is natural or the result of a treatment process.

    Natural Color Diamonds …Not just White!! Bet these rarities are something special.

    Topaz of any type is a good jewelry stone and it is historically one of the most important gemstones. With its relatively high refractive index and hardness of eight (Mohs scale), with no special sensitivity to chemicals, it can be used, with appropriate care (should be protected from hard knocks), in any jewelry application.

    diamond chart | At Gemone Diamonds, you’ll find only the finest diamonds with color ...

    Lustig's Exclusive Meteor cut diamond. 71 faceted decagonal shape. Flawless symmetry, each facet perfectly angled so that it radiates dazzling brilliance.

    3-col-bl-tanz-12000 Tanzanite

    The Martian Pink Lot 3766, a brilliant-cut fancy intense pink diamond ring of 12.04 cts, by Harry Winston, sold at 1.44 million/carat for a total of USD 17,395,728 - Click image to find more Science & Nature Pinterest pins