Rhythm & Bloom by Cori Bloom | Music Listening Lessons

Fri, 19 May 2017 13:47:07 +0000

Teach your kids to sing in tune with these simple activities you can do right now! Plus, a video introduction to the Solfege hand signs from Mr. Rob. Preschool music lessons and more!

    The concept of an �open throat� when singing may be baffling for new and aspiring singers. Read more at: http://tips.how2improvesinging.com/open-throat-infographic/

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    Sing and play the C Major Scale with colors, note names, Solfege AND scale degree numbers! Whether you're playing piano, Boomwhackers or Bells or just singing along, work on the C Major Scale with Preschool Prodigies!

    I had never heard of Tieks. I have however, read wonderful things about them from teachers across the U.S. who are thanking their Tieks after a long day on their feet!

    This will link you to Music listening Ideas, Homemade Instrument Crafts, Music History Lessons, Instrument Recognitions, Music Games, Music Flashcards, Music Theory, Orchestra Seating Chart, and more

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    Discover a music curriculum that’s easy, colorful and fun at school and home. Easy to read sheet music for Boomwhackers, Solfege Hand Signs, Bells and Piano. Featuring Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and 11 other kid-favorites. 60+ Preschool Music Lessons, worksheets, coloring pages, and much much more!

    Check out the infographic for better vocal health. Includes links to vocals warm-up and work-out exercises.

    Kodaly Corner: Choir Gems. A great list of choir rep!

    Cute free printable characters to help students grasp solfege concepts

    Want to add more music to your child's day? Try this activity that teaches the difference between beat and rhythm. Use the free printables to help!

    Itsy Bitsy Spider in C Major with Curwen (Solfege) Hand Signs for Boomwhackers Use this colorful free sheet music designed for your preschool child! He or she will enjoy playing this on Chromonotes deskbells, piano stickers, Boomwhackers, or just signing or singing along!