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.Venice Carnival 2013 by Silvio Rugolo.

    Mais que c'est beau... quelle finesse .... Venice Carnival 2013 | Photo prise le 10 février 2013 lors du Carnaval de Venise en Italie

    Olive green and cranberry Pierrot... ('Pierrot Anke' by kuprat).

    Venetian carnival 2014 #masks #venetianmasks #masquerade

    Masque de Venise

    Venitian Carnaval Annecy 2013

    Venice Carnival 2013 | Venice Carnival 2013 on February 3, 2013 in Venice, Italy.

    Red Rose. Venice Carnival 2015 by Lesley McGibbon

    Venetian MASK, people! A "masque" is a masked ball. A MASK is the thing you put on your face! You sound illiterate when you call a MASK a "masque."

    Carnaval de Venise

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