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Steve Buscemi during his days as a New York firefighter. [1976] Buscemi rejoined his old engine company following 9/11 and helped search for survivors at Ground Zero.

    Bruce Springstein

    20 Celebrities Before They Became Famous

    20 Celebrities Before They Became Famous

    Jessica Lange in high school, 1966

    'NCIS' Cast: Before They Were Stars

    Laurence Olivier

    steve carell

    Steve Buscemi parting glances gif by: iwantedtobreathsmoke

    Sooo handsome! (Okay....just kidding.) (Laura)

    Steve Buscemi from #WilliamHenryShawHS and #ThePrintShop -------

    Many years later… honestly, I really wish these two were a couple in real life, haha. Two of my favorite actors :)