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Teach children the right things. Know what's important.

    They dont stay small for long

    Happy Mother's Day!!!! - A girl and a glue gun

    Conscious discipline. So glad my husband and I took the classes. My son's preschool uses this approach and it's wonderful.

    .Always work to encourage the best qualities of of your children.

    And I'm beyond blessed.

    Teaching children to behave gets better rewards when you're positive rather than critical. Positive parenting by Mum in a Nutshell

    Two things we should give our children. #quote

    There are 7 things that will destroy us

    Important things to say to kids

    Things don't last but love does.

    So if you're separated, never ever talk badly about one parent to the kids. Never ever ever. So glad most people I know know enough to be loving, selfless and smart in that way.

    A reader asks: “My five year old still hits or is aggressive to his 3 yo sister often in the day out of frustration what am I doing wrong?! I’m afraid I am getting snappy as I’m f…