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Home Hacks: 13 Foolproof Office Organization Tips

    Kitchen Command Centre Idea - we will need something like this once the office upstairs is gone! Like the idea of the monthly budget being right there, but not on the calander for everyone to see.

    Workspace Webmail :: Mail Index :: Inbox

    Just this little back to school project can make a big difference! How to Make a Simple Homework Caddy | Clean Mama


    Cardboard Tubes:

    Dorm Room Hacks They Don't Teach You in College Life 101 - One Crazy House

    DIY recordatorios con pinzas para la ropa para que no olvides eventos especiales o cosas por hacer :PP

    Master your power strip Make sense of a row of identical-looking cords on a fully loaded power strip by using plastic bread-bag tags to label cables. Read more: Organizing Ideas - Home Organization Ideas - Redbook

    Inspire Urself: Dorm Room Makeup Organization | Sorority and Dorm Room Bedding

    How to store your cables perfectly ordered…I did this but with crystal light plastic containers - they are see thru and you can write on them!! AWESOME!!

    Brilliant idea! Wish I saw this sooner.

    DIY cord storage, you could probably make it look really cute with some wrapping paper or scrapbook paper. I really didnt know toliet rolls can be such good use!

    Brighten up your keyboard with washi tap!

    Get out from under all the junk and clutter in your purse with these super easy and useful tips from A Bowl Full of Lemons. Love the organization tools and methods to keep everything tidy and findable!

    I have a lot of stuff and I’m kind of a hoarder (whatever), but lately, I’m all about consolidating and trying to save space. Since I don’t have unlimited money, I’ve been looking into a lot of different DIY projects to keep my bedroom more organized. Once I looked into that, I thought, who could … Read More

    Top 10 DIY Office Organization Tutorials - dry erase board and desktop tray @Jess Liu Landrum I will need one of these!

    How To Store Sheet Sets

    Creating a Family Charging Station / oplaadstation

    Home Office Organization Ideas • Lots of Ideas and Tutorials!

    Easy DIY Desktop Printer Shelf ~ I was frustrated with the amount of space our printer took on the desktop and the wasted space it created underneath. So I created my own inexpensive printer shelf out of an unlikely item that was super easy to make!

    {line 'em up!} drawer organization makes maximum use of your storage space. clear plastic drawer organizers make quick work of small items like socks and undergarments. stacking tshirts and tank tops horizontally, rather than vertically, allows you to see everything at once. (note: click thru to the website and below the shirt photos is a small text link to the applicable folding video.)

    Coming to college means a multitude of changes and decisions. One of the more fun decisions is decorating your dorm room or apartment. Every college dorm and student apartment requires you to maximize your space to the extreme. Fitting the equivalent of a whole year’s worth of your life; clothes, toiletries, electronics, and school supplies, […]

    DIY : get words on your wash tape | A simple way to transfer printer ink to washi tape for personalized gifting!

    325 DIY Storage and Organization Ideas

    Organize Your Batteries: Reposition the dividers in a crafts or hardware caddy to fit different types of batteries. Label sections with letter and number stickers.