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<b>Biennale Golden Bee</b><br>Design Firm bankov posters, Prague; www.bankovposters... | Creative Team Peter Bankov, art director/designer | Client Golden Bee Biennale Moscow | Details This poster is for a biennial event, the Golden Bee in Moscow.


    Miami Ad School - I Want You

    peter bankov - typo/graphic posters

    Peter bankov

    Art Direction: Wang Zhi-Hong Graphic Design: Wang Zhi-Hong Client: Desktop Magazine Year: 2013 Home News All Projects Journal Facebook Page Contact us Copyright © wangzhihong.com. All rights reserved.

    Peter bankov

    At. Cmrtyz, White Mystery

    marcos faunner - typo/graphic poster orgasm 2013 | "my work transits through the fields between art and graphic design. i work with mixed media and my visual references are the socio-cultural elements and their contrasts around the globe. i am motivated by the human being and its desires, impulses, imaginary and its dilemmas faced in relation between life and death. i believe in art as a creation of worlds. art can say with me, say before me, repeat me, attack me, open worlds inside my worlds."

    BARBADA is an event that happens in Brazil. It's focused on contemporary music and features performances by local and national bands and DJs. Both the event and the design of the posters intend to carry the rich brazilian culture.


    Peter Bankov solo exhibitions in Prague 2014