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Awesome flowchart as to how publishing works: #pubtip

    Writing process

    Here’s where to get your short stories published — and most of these outlets pay. A brilliant list xkx

    Paragraph Reminder~ This is great for students who are beginning to write multi-paragraph narratives or essays. Simple, clear, and helpful!

    How and Why To Brand Yourself as An Author from Day One (5 Quick Steps). For Writers

    Infographic: 5 characters you should put in your novel. #writing #amwriting

    How to self-edit - 8 top editing tips for fiction writers

    Writing Worksheet – Endings (PDF) In honour of NaNoWriMo, this month’s worksheets will have one purpose: to increase your word count by hook or by book. The final writing worksheet in this marvellous month of November is inspired by the last virtual NaNoWriMo write-in. Imagining the best endings for each of your characters is a…

    Writing Personalities

    How to Create an Epic Character for your novel: this infographic lays out nine foundation blocks to help you get to know your character on an entirely new level. Make sure to check out the workbook by clicking the pin if you want to delve into your character development in more detail! // Something Delicious