Aaron Keck

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 21:50:56 +0000

Hello! JY/circus-usagi here (: This lecture will show you how to draw a generally fit anime male character, from facial structure to male anatomy. Enjoy! (i used paint tool SAI for this)

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    How to draw a male upper body part

    Male arm ref.

    Breasts - Understanding the Dynamics 2 by Nsio on deviantART http://nsio.deviantart.com/art/Breasts-Understanding-the-Dynamics-2-376631488:

    Please, for any shares outside deviantart of my drawings put in the post the source link. Thank you. stefanolanza.tumblr.com/

    anatoref: “ The Back and Spine ”

    Fig: 1 Aqui estamos en la fase 1 : Nada apetecible. Una simple figura a base de lineas rapidas que nos servirá como pieza base. Observar q...

    Anime boys and Whatnot, friendly-character-review: This is one of those...

    pinterest.com/character design and learn how to draw: legs