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Thu, 01 Oct 2015 17:37:17 +0000

Crunchyroll - "Tiger And Bunny" Manga Artist Hiroshi Ueda Takes His Own Spin On"Free!" Characters

    Mangaka Hiroshi Ueda Draws Free! Fanart 3

    Tamen Di Gushi 10

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    Free! | Nagisa by Hiroshi Ueda

    *---* #CaintTakeTheHeat

    Sweet and Petite by on @deviantART

    ((By avaelle95 on deviantArt. The first 3 guys look so cool like; "Oh hey, das hot Makoto." "Ooh, nice dolphin fins Haru." "I wouldn't mind this shark eating me *cough* ifyouknowwhatimean *cough*" Then there's Nagisa and Rei, oh my goodness-))