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9th-10th century Norse wire wrap ring

    The 9thc Kingmoor Ring. Gold with nielloed runic inscription. Runic transcription: ærkriufltkriuriƥonglæstæpon tol. To quote the British Museum, ‘various attempts to decipher the inscriptions on these two rings… are not regarded as successful. … the sense is very probably magical’

    U.S. Army combat equipment, the M1956 combat of the Vietnam war equipment

    THRACO-CELTIC WOVEN SILVER NECKLACE AND PENDANT Of curled wires to form two confronting snails, the flat mesh chain with caps and rings and one large leaf and tendril-form hook. 1st Century BC/AD L. 20 1/4 in. (51.4 cm.) Ex private collection acquired in the early 1990s. GMF08 $7,500 Note : those aren't "Snails" - it's a Lunula - study Roman jewelry and you'll see this shape a lot

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    VIKING RING-MONEY BRACELET When silver was needed to purchase something, the bracelets were simply cut up and weighed for their bullion wealth.

    Taranis Wheel, the Talisman of the ancient Celts

    Viking silver finger or toe ring, 800-1000 A.D. wound from a single tapered rod of silver, thicke

    Viking age / Gold earring / Södermanland

    Uppland, Adelso. Visa bild | Sök i samlingarna | Historiska museet

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