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9th-10th century Norse wire wrap ring

    Saxon pair of silver wire loop fasteners, Norse style decoration, 475-500 A.D., a wire loop with

    Viking age / Gold bracelet/Bohuslän

    GNM No: 10-975:65a-dDescription: 4x Finger Rings with Spiral Center ElementsMaterial(s): GoldDate of Object: Mid-5th century BCOrigin: Colch...

    WILT-9D4288: Early-medieval Viking finger ring

    Anglo-Saxon and Viking (5th-11thC) "An Anglo-Saxon period silver finger ring made from a single strand of square-section silver wire. The wire is coiled twice to form the hoop, and the remaining length is used to produce a double-start spiral bezel. The two ends of the wire are wound round the hoop to form shoulders. Traces of gilding are possibly present."

    VIKING GOLD LOOPED BEZEL RING. 9th-11th century C.E. A round-section gold hoop with tapering ends forming a running scroll and coiled about the shank.

    Viking Gold Knot Ring 9th-11th century AD

    Viking gold ring

    anglo saxon wire wrap finger ring | wda 7162 anglo saxon viking copper alloy finger ring a finger ring ...

    Viking Borre Weave Ring in .925 Sterling Silver - Intricate Scandinavian Norse knotwork Ring

    Viking age / Gold ring / Dalsland