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9th-10th century Norse wire wrap ring

    VIKING RING-MONEY BRACELET When silver was needed to purchase something, the bracelets were simply cut up and weighed for their bullion wealth.

    The 9thc Kingmoor Ring. Gold with nielloed runic inscription. Runic transcription: ærkriufltkriuriƥonglæstæpon tol. To quote the British Museum, ‘various attempts to decipher the inscriptions on these two rings… are not regarded as successful. … the sense is very probably magical’

    Twisted Viking silver arm ring, silver, presumably the first half of the 10th century

    idea on a clasp for loom bracelet

    Viking age / A gold arm ring from Denmark 800-1050 AD.:

    Anglo-Saxon and Viking (5th-11thC) "An Anglo-Saxon period silver finger ring made from a single strand of square-section silver wire. The wire is coiled twice to form the hoop, and the remaining length is used to produce a double-start spiral bezel. The two ends of the wire are wound round the hoop to form shoulders. Traces of gilding are possibly present."

    Ancient Viking Mens Coil Wedding Ring York UK 866-1067A.D. Size 9

    VIKING GOLD LOOPED BEZEL RING. 9th-11th century C.E. A round-section gold hoop with tapering ends forming a running scroll and coiled about the shank.

    circa 9th - 11th Century AD Anglo Saxon/viking Finger Ring A twisted wire copper-alloy finger ring possibly dating to the late Anglo-Saxon or the post medieval period. The wire is circular in section, uniform in width and coiled three times to form the band, the ends of which are wrapped around the hoop to bind them together. Made from multiple bands with a bezel of knotted appearance, is more likely to belong to the late Anglo-Saxon period with the arrival of Viking culture.

    VIKING Period Bronze Lunar Pendant Scandinavian Norse Crescent Amulet 1000 AD +

    Great design. Ancient Viking bronze spiral ring.

    Ancient Viking bronze brooches.

    Troll Cross to ward off trolls by Gerald Boggs

    we need a break T-T by Nintendrawer.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt


    Viking age clear glass bead hanging on a gold wire - Birka Grave 523, Sweden.

    THE TROLL CROSS is, according to old Scandinavian folklore a powerful protection symbol efficient on both evil trolls and other similar beings that might be lurking in the woods. Iron and steel is feared by the trolls, and steel in a crosswise pattern is even more efficient. This pendant protects the bearer from evil, and this and similar symbolic designs has been widely used to protect both people, animals and buildings.

    A collection of necklaces and pendants from Birka.

    Viking gold arm ring. Found at Hässleberga, Sweden. The Swedish History Museum

    Viking Double Plaited Gold Ring, Sweden, 9th-11th Century AD

    Viking Silver Plaited Bracelet, 10th-12th Century

    Katie Collins. Ring: The crane and the bridge, series, 2013. Sterling silver, mild steel, vitreous enamel.

    Credit: Hair pins, Viking, c.9th-11th century (bronze), Viking, (9th century) / Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford, UK / The Bridgeman Art Library

    Viking Bear’s Tooth Pendant, 9th-11th Century AD