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9th-10th century Norse wire wrap ring


    Saxon pair of silver wire loop fasteners, Norse style decoration, 475-500 A.D., a wire loop with

    WILT-9D4288: Early-medieval Viking finger ring

    GNM No: 10-975:65a-dDescription: 4x Finger Rings with Spiral Center ElementsMaterial(s): GoldDate of Object: Mid-5th century BCOrigin: Colch...

    VIKING Period Bronze Lunar Pendant

    Roman First Century

    IRON AGE CELTIC BRONZE FIBULA 4th-3rd century BC A bronze fibula formed from a single twisted wire, with two springs, double loop, coil and hooked catch. 4.49 grams, 50 mm (2"). Fine condition. [No Reserve]

    Viking Gold Childs Ring. 9th-11th century AD. A delicate finger ring formed from a round-section wire, the ends twisted about the hoop. 0.75 grams, 13mm overall, 10.65mm internal diameter (1/2")

    Viking gold ring with world serpent design, interior engraved runic inscription for Odin. Maker unknown, Scandinavian 9th - 10th Century.

    Silver Clasp British Museum no info

    Gold ring made of two tapering round-sectioned hammered gold wires, which are looped in their centres and interlacted to make an openwork knot, which forms the bezel of the ring: the two sets of free ends are twisted to form the hoop, all the loose ends converting at the back into a four-strand twist.

    Viking arm ring made of gold, Tanum, Sweden.

    6th-9th century AD. A round-section hoop of two wires with twisted spiral bezel and seven coils to the shoulders. 1.35 grams, 18mm overall, 15.89mm internal diameter (approximate size British K, USA 5 1/4, Europe 9.95, Japan 9) (3/4"). From a European collection, acquired in the 1970s.