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    Hannibal Fan Art by 涩江秒困侠

    “Diptych” I finally finished my tribute to Hannibal Writers. Just an excuse to write some random (wonderful) quotes from nbchannibal. Please, don’t repost anywhere else! Just reblog, thank you! :) Waiting for season three

    Killy-Willy by Syllirium on DeviantArt

    Hannibal S3 BTS

    I like. This is my design. ‪#‎Hannibal‬ ‪#‎WillGraham‬ ‪#‎clock‬

    Christopher Hargadon for NBC's "Hannibal" - pictured is Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal Lecter

    #Art #WillGraham #Hannibal

    The Cannibal Factory


    sigun-i-loki: Hannibal by 涩江秒困侠

    The Doctor by on @deviantART

    Inner Whisper by on @DeviantArt

    Kill the monster. Celebrate. by on @deviantART

    hannigram fanart

    Carol for Hannibal : Photo

    Hugh Dancy as Will Graham - Hannibal S2E12

    Hannibal fan art. Source: soyogi-bon.tumblr

    Love is mean and love hurts

    Fear is the price of imagination | #Hannibal