Gerry Usi

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 11:06:17 +0000

Olive Stimulator Variant By Paul Caslin

    By Paul Hameleers

    A Gammarus For The Ladies Of The Stream By Holger Lachmann

    Fly-fishing and fly-tying videos by Davie McPhail - the best fly fishing and fly tying videos online - fly fishing video channel - Global FlyFisher

    Torrish Variant

    » The McKay Stonefly - Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Information Resource

    Tie One On: Yellow Stimulator

    Orange tail muddler minnow.

    One of my all time Favorite Shrimp that will work throughout the season now being produced by Atlantic Flies, GM Shrimp By Jerome Molloy

    Very good website instructions.

    Yellow Irresistible Stimulator

    The Comet a must have in your fly box for steelies!

    By Stuart Hardy

    Green beadhead larval nymph

    L'astragan by Jean Paul Dessaigne

    Fly Tying for Beginners a Royal Coachman with Jim Misiura

    Stimulator fly

    Olive Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear Nymph

    This website has some nice fly tying recipes.

    Royal Trude

    Another great fly. Prince nymph variation. A Curtis Fry joint.


    Mosquito Dry Fly Tying Instructions and How To Tie Tutorial

    #26 adult midge | Small Fly Funk

    How to tie an Orange Asher ~ Dry Fly