Seeing the blessings when things don’t go according to plan is what we should all do. You probably had a plan in mind for all of these things and it may seem like you’ve gone off the path.

    This took a while for me to realize. But, he has brought me to this Revelation. It's hard to do but it's Soo worth it!

    Saving money, building up my funds to be completely debt free and travel America.

    A hand out to guard. A hand to stop you, just before you walk into the car that was going too fast that you didn't see coming.

    Office Overhaul ...

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    Absolutely! People don't know what I've been through bc I don't trust just anyone and don't tell what my soul keeps

    God’s protective hand is always present, even though it is not always seen. Nowhere in the book of Esther is God’s name mentioned, but His providential hand is evident in Esther’s every move. God is at work in your life too, whether you realize it or not. Ask Him to give you eyes of faith to see His fingerprints on your every situation.

    How I wanted you to fight for us... But it seems that it was only always about you. That's just unfortunate bc I loved you to the moon and back.