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    ...these hands have touched the creator of magic and there has been a mark left on them...

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    judging a book by its cover |

    Tick tock goes the clock, and all the years they fly. Tick tock and all too soon, you and I must die.

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    Growing up with parents who abandoned him at an early age certainly colored him as a person. It did not help that his therapist at psychiatric was anything but nice to him. Though he wanted someone to notice and care for him, the very concepts scared him. He would not risk more abandonment and abuse.

    I used to read him like a book right off the shelf. But now he likes her and I want him to myself. I thought I could smile without him in my arms. But now he likes her and it's tearing up my heart. ( lyric creds: @MissGlitterPins )

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    She had scrawled, in her messy handwriting, all over my map. The map with the countless dots and points. She had bough anarchy to my organisation. For that I loved her.