Ben Grandgenett

Wed, 20 Jan 2016 19:33:24 +0000

Shin Matsunaga design - Google Search

    Such a cool poster - 이적2집이 생각난다

    Great 70’s alphabet of colour.

    like the font and water | Sensaway coming at 30th of August | Sensaway typeface will be released at the end of August at Gestalten

    A Mélange of Curiosities

    Superscript by Fscarballo - There is a playfulness to this design in which the type intertwines with each other, creating unity and balance.

    LIFE - Aimar Molero / Music and Sound design - promo poster

    Pl8 Poster: network Osaka, via graphic design layout, identity systems and great type lock-ups.


    one million tee numbers design